The Grail in Italy pursues the following aims: implement in Italy the objectives expressed in the Mission Statement of the International Grail, related to solidarity, training, spirituality, culture, and language, through:

Specifically, the Association aims to develop the following activities:

The Grail Association in Italy:
Besides holding monthly meetings for members adhering to the movement and organizing study groups for spiritual deepening, the organization has international ties with the Council, the General Assemby and various networks and forums.
Grail women are connected, both individually and as groups, through the networks in the following areas of interest for the movement:

  • Land, Ecology, and Biodiversity
  • Global Justice and Eradication of Poverty – the fight for women and children
  • Training for Social Transformation
  • Connection with the United Nations
  • Women of the Americas
  • LIEN – Network of Young Women in Europe
  • Spirituality and Theology